JCCV Key Projects

The JCCV works collaboratively across key projects to deliver best practice outcomes for our community

YAP - JCCV Youth Alcohol Wellness Program:

YAP is an interactive and research-based wellbeing program aimed at preventing and minimising the risk of alcohol and other drug-related harm.

It was designed to empower grade 6 to year 12 students, and their families, with the skills and knowledge necessary to promote healthy and safe decision making. The program focuses on enhancing protective factors or strengths, that have been proven to reduce the likelihood of risk-taking behaviours, such as positive self-image, resilience and effective problem solving.

Thousands of students, parents and guardians have participated in the program since it started in 2009. Sessions were delivered at Bialik College, King David School, Mount Scopus Memorial College, Leibler Yavneh College, Sholom Aleichem and Yeshivah Beth Rivkah College. Psychologists and psychotherapists, experts from Headspace, Victoria Police and Hospitals helped provide essential advice and guidance. The program is made possible through the generous support of Gandel Philanthropy.

Safeguarding Children:

The JCCV plays a key role in training and educating leaders and staff from Jewish community organisations about the risks of child sexual abuse, developing child protection policies and compliance with the new legislative requirements. Over 100 representatives, from 50 Jewish community organisations, have attended JCCV`s child protection training courses, as we continue to promulgate essential information and fact sheets, through seminars, email blasts and social media. JCCV is working closely with the Government, community organisations such as Tzedek, and CCYP, to ensure our children are safe. View our Child Protection Directory

Spiritual Care Outreach

The JCCV Spiritual Care Project offers focused and ethno- specific support for carers of Jewish patients in Victorian hospitals. Specifically, the JCCV offers accredited educational training programs for health care workers, volunteers and individuals directly to enhance the holistic care experience of Jewish patients. A series of Spiritual Training Sessions are offered and Counselling for the wellness of carers of palliative patients and those with chronic illness. During the Pandemic, the demand for Spiritual Care services has significantly increased. View our recent session here.


Building Multicultural Harmony Programs:

Responding to Islamophobia and Antisemitism - Showing Up: Bystander Intervention Program. Communities standing together, united in empowering people to be active, trained to be confident and tooled-up to take a safe active stance when observing hateful, racist incidents of Antisemitism and Islamophobia. Participants were trained and equipped with skills, language and confidence to respond to bigotry, harassment and violence in our community. Delivered across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria commenced in October 2018.

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